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*Please note:  All conference video content is now available on-demand for all registrants through the end of 2021 by logging into Boomset. 

Session Types


A new addition to this year: there will be a keynote address on Thursday night to launch the conference and a keynote on Sunday evening to bring our time to a close. These will invite us to enter into and journey from the dialogues we will share throughout the weekend.


Plenary addresses are interdisciplinary touchpoints in our conference. There are 6 plenaries total and they take place in the middle of each of the three days of the event. They provide an opportunity for the whole conference community to join together in shared learning. To facilitate this, there are no other concurrent sessions takin place during the plenaries. CE credits are being submitted to credentialing bodies so that the plenaries can be CE eligible.


Invited addresses take place in each of the session-blocks throughout the conference. These invited addresses bring a scholar and/or practitioner into contact on key themes related to human suffering, identity, and potential. CE credits are being submitted to credentialing bodies so that the invited addresses can be CE eligible.


Symposia are intended to be pre-organized combinations of papers on a shared area of scholarship (3-6 persons).


Paper panels consist of three presenters whose work was independently submitted and were then organized into a panel based on content, themes, and/or thinkers. Each presentation is 20 minutes long, leaving ample time for discussion between panelists and with the audience.

Friday, September 17


Our conference tracks are new this year and provide a specialized place for clinicians to freely explore their specific discipline. Learn more about each track here.

  • Psychological Humanities and Ethics - PHE

  • Plato Symposium - Plato

  • Dante Salon - Dante

  • Alien Salon - Alien

  • Narrative & Psychosocial Dialogues - Narrative

  • Psychoanalytic Ideas on Technology and Subjectivity - Technology and Subjectivity

  • Lacan and Race/Fanon and Phenomenology - Lacan/Fanon

Morning Sessions (9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. EDT)

Invited Address 

Soulcraft: The Strains of Integrity and the Contours of Character 

Presenter: Chris Higgins

Respondent: Mark Freeman 


Trauma as Self-Making, Trauma as Divine 

Presenters: Ginna Clark, Michelle Harwell, Manon Voice 

Paper Panel: Narrative Track

Conflicting Discourse of Disabilities & Differences

Justin Karter: Within and Against Global Mental Health: The Activism of Psychosocial Disability Advocates

Carly Solome: Encounters with the Liberal or Conservative Other: A Jungian Phenomenological Analysis of Individuation Through Conflict

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Our Responsibility to Self and Other 

Sam Aston: Into the Kingdom: The Process of Self-Responsibility 

Katie Harster: Symptoms of Trauma, Kantian Natural Powers, and the Duty to Seek Treatment

Stephen Lambert: The Enhancement of Flourishing in Challenging Social Systems: Reflections on Hope for the Other Contrasted to Experiential Satisfaction in the philosophies of Jürgen Moltmann

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

On Inter-Relationality 

Paulina Fuentes Moad: Shattered Intimacy, Devastating Truths: Ruptures Due to Ethical Misconduct

Phil Garrity: YaYa: An Existential Reflection on Intimacy and Alienation among Identical Twin Brothers

Donna Wolfskehl DiStefano: Considering I-Thou Philosophy in Intersubjective Relations

Paper Panel: Dante Track 

Oh Power Divine 

Aaron B. Daniels: "Welcome and Introduction"

John Took: I Cannot Tell... but This I Know: Dante at the Point of Ultimate Concern

William Franke: Self-Reflection and the Other in Dante's Paradiso 

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track

Afropessimism P.1

Moderator: Michelle Stephens 

David Marriott: Lacan Noir

Lee Edelman: White, Black, Un-Black: Why the Symbolic Necessitates Racism

Plenary (10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EDT)


The 'real' of anti-Blackness

Welcome and Introduction: David Goodman

Presenter: Derek Hook

Respondent: Michelle Stephens 

Lunch Break

Plenary (1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. EDT)

The Edifice Complex: Towards a Trans-Mutual Psychoanalysis

Presenter: Francisco González

Respondents: Lara Sheehi, Daniel Gaztambide & Celia Brickman

Afternoon Sessions (3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT) 

Invited Address

The Languages of Emmanuel Levinas 

Presenter: Donna Orange

Respondent: Eric Severson 


Breaking Scientism's Stranglehold on Psychology: Hermeneutics and the Politics of Resistance

Presenters: Philip Cushman, Daniel Masler, Max Livshetz, S. Peregin Lord,  Julianne Ludlam, & Kathleen Pape

Paper Panel: Narrative Track 

Arcs of Redemptive Narratives: Predators, Incarnation & Other 

Nahanni Freeman: Confessions and Quantum Uncertainties: The Violence of Language, Orgasmic Cells, and the Incarnation of Words

Orrin Page: The Significance of 'the Other' in Self-Development: Narrative, Neuroscience, and the New Testament 

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Contemporary Consciousness: On Psychoanalysis

Meera Lee: The Superego Today: Tracing the Voice of the Law and Desire in Freud and Lacan

John Roberts: Modern Subjectivity, Concealment, and the Problem of the Lacanian Unconscious

Susan Varney: Vulnerable Mind of State

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Escape from the Self: On Transcendence and Existentialism 

Stefan Bolea: Nietzsche's Three "Noes" to Life 

Robert Langan: A Case for Transcendence

Edward Suprenant: Turning Towards the Luminous Darkness: How Buddhist Ontology, Heideggerian Aesthetics, and Intimations of the Divine Feminine Can Transform Our (Post)modern Dilemma

Paper Panel: Dante Track 

Longing for this Journey 

Stephen Surh: Revisiting Apophasis in the Commedia: Dante and the Self-Emptying God 

Tommaso Priviero: Jung, Dante, and the Art of Visionary Travelling

Matthew Elmore: Canto and Commentary: A Way Forward in Dantology 

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track 

The Drive, Sex and Race

Sheldon George: The Drive and Lacan's Object 'a' in Racism and Racial Identification 

Todd McGowan: Capitalism's Racist Requirement 

Sheila Cavanagh: The Other Jouissance of Racism(s): Rachel Dolezal and Amy Cooper

Evening Sessions (4:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. EDT) 

Invited Address

"Helping others feel that they matter": A Storied Relationship with Narrative Therapy 

Presenter: Steve Gaddis

Respondent: Mookie Manalili 


Embodying Religion: Neuropsychology, Theology and the Role of the Body in Spiritual Experience 

Presenters: Martha Reineke, James W. Jones & Steven J. Sandage 

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

The 'Subject' Matters in Literature 

Marilyn Charles: Psychosocial Studies and Literature: Subjectivity and Social Context 

Myka Hanson: Seeing Through Sarah: A Hermeneutic Exploration of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones

Sarah Horton: Testifying to the Misremembered Other: Thinking Fidelity in Light of Memory’s Unreliability

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

The Praxis of Neoliberalism

Karley Petersen: To Work and To Love: Resistance Toward a Dignified World of Work

Jeremy DaCruz: Anticapitalistic Praxis as Balm for Societally-Rooted Mental Distress

Laine Walters Young: Addressing the Anxiety of Supermodernity: Ethicists and Psychologists in Tandem Confront the "Wasteland of Meaning" 

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

A Field in Context 

Jeff Sugarman: Psychology and The Significance of History

Gabrielle Taylor: When Illness Becomes the Cure: A Relational Account of COVID-19

Penelope Starr-Karlin: Planetary-Selfhood: Global Warming and a World-Wide Context of Being

Paper Panel: Dante Track 

Across More Kindly Waters 

David M. Black: Dante's Vision and the Structure of Ethics 

Christian Y. Dupont: Phenomenological Readings of Dante's Poetry II: Memory and Mimesis 

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track 

Race and Anticolonialism 

Zahi Zalloua: Jamming Israel's Libidinal Economy 

Wayne Wapeemukwa: Indigenous Femicide as Settler-Colonial Reproductive Futurism 

Robert Beshara: A Liberation Psychoanalytic Account of Racism 

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 11.18.52 AM.png


7:00-8:30 pm EDT

Systemic Racism and Traumatic Racism: The Long and the Short of It...

Online via Zoom
Register Here

Saturday, September 18

Morning Sessions (9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. EDT)

Invited Address 

Transference and the Methodology of Critique

Presenter: Amy Allen

Respondent: Stefanie L. Speanburg


Hope and Hopelessness: Potential Space in Year Two of the Pandemic

Presenters: Adrienne Harris, Heather Ferguson, Arthur Fox, Michael Feldman & Susan Klebanoff


The Crisis of Exposed Vulnerability: Shame, Power and the Dignity of the Other

Presenters: Jerome Miller, Peter Shabad & Donna Orange

Paper Panel: Plato Track

True Lies: Education, Deception, and the Pursuit of Wisdom

Christine Rojcewicz: A MisReading of Rhetorical Logos in Plato's Gorgias that Vindicates Persuasive Speech

Donald Boyce: On Noticing: The Applicability of the Erotic Hunting Metaphor in Plato for Psychoanalysis

Stephen Mendelsohn: Blinded by Desire: Self-Deception and the Threat of the True Lie in Plato's Republic

Paper Panel: Narrative Track 

Relationships to Persons (with Borderline and Schizophrenia) 

Miranda BrownThe Transmission of Borderline Personality Disorder from Mother to Child

Cody SandschaferBorderline Personality Disorder and Liberation Through Radical Acceptance 

Stephen Wykstra & Mark RuffaloBefriending the Schizophrenic Other: Revisiting Arieti on Therapeutic Friendship and Countertransference

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

On Racialized Intersubjectivity 

Sam BinkleyWhiteness, Trauma and the Racial Uncanny 

Peter CaprettoThe Ideological Conflict of Empathic Freedom in Intersubjective Relation

Patricia Hunter"Preoedipal Politics"

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track

Politics, Social Media and Racial Jokesters

E. ChebroluMind the Gap: An Analysis of Racial Anxieties in Populist Fantasies of Content Moderation on Digital Platforms 

Clint BurnhamLogical Time and the White Riot

Stephanie Swales & Carol OwensThe Jouissance of Black Humor in Key and Peele (and why White people don't know if it's ok to laugh)

Plenary (10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EDT)

Gratitude and Meaning 

Presenter: Jonathan Lear

Respondent: Alfred Margulies

Lunch Break

Plenary (1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. EDT)

Ethical Labor: Making Reparations within Psychoanalysis 

Presenter: Elizabeth Corpt 
Respondent: Lewis Gordon

Afternoon Sessions (3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT)

Invited Address

Open Wounds of Racial Terror: The Elaine Race Massacre 

Presenter: Roger Frie

Respondent: Lynne Layton


Community Psychoanalysis and the Ethics of Care

Presenters: Tiffany Houck-Loomis, Tracy Sidesinger, Carlos Padrón, Naomi Snider, Alex Sierck


Lucas Fain's Primal Philosophy: Rousseau with Laplanche

Presenters: Lucas Fain, Jack Foehl, Gregory Fried 

Paper Panel: Plato Track 

Desire and Division: Platonic (mis)readings

John ProiosRace and Division in Plato's Statesman 

Andrew ZeppaThe Noble Taboo: Homoerotic Desire and Philosophic Inquiry

Noah RichardsonAn Erotic Death

Paper Panel: Narrative Track 

Suffering Meaning: Surviving Stories

Zipora Rosenberg SchipperTo Be a Witness and Stay Alive

Jennifer HamannThe Phenomenological Experience of Living with Terminal Cancer: A Case Study

Breanna VizlakhSitting with our Grief: Consequences of Containing the Trauma of COVID-19

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Movement Towards Healing: Oppression, Trauma and Woundedness 

Nathaniel FasmanHorrors and Racial Oppression

Sean FitzpatrickThorns in the Spirit: Addressing Trauma as a Barrier in Sustained Engagement in Racial Justice Movements 

A. Taiga GuterresTrauma and Reconciliation in a World of Conflict

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track 

Fanon at 60

Nigel GibsonFanon Today, Reason and Revolt of the Wretched of the Earth

Daniel Jose Gaztambide: Black existence, White ontologies: Fanon's contribution to psychoanalytic diagnosis and treatment

Leswin LaubscherFrantz Fanon, my 'Brother'

Evening Sessions (4:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. EDT)

Invited Address

Studies of Mentality: Fascist Subjectivity, Subhumanism and Culture-Supremacy 

Presenter: Thomas Teo

Respondent: Jeffrey Yen


Flatland: Disembodied Modes of Living and the Possibility of an Embrace 

Presenters: Jack Foehl & Peter Shabad 


Re-Storying Society: On Narrative Therapy and Stories of Justice 

Presenters: Steve Gaddis, Mookie Manalili, and others

Paper Panel: Technology and Subjectivity Track 

Technological Reductions: Memes, Frankenstein, and Illusions

Lewis ThurstonInternet Memes and the Other

Robert RomanyshynMary Shelley's Frankenstein: Reflections on the Other as Monster

Susan SchwartzWho Am I Really? - Illusions and Splits in the Mirror 

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Diverse Pitfalls and the Need for Community

Hee An ChoiAsian Immigrants as the Third Order

Julia GoetzWhy don’t people go to therapy? A call for intersectional and feminist-focused therapy

Raimundo SalasA Psychological Dilemma at the Heart of Diversity? 

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Continental Analysis: Kierkegaard, Kristeva, and Reverie

Dante ClementiReconciling with Otherness: Kierkegaard and the Psychology of Nausea 

Samuel GableIronically into the end of an era: The late modern  carnival of social media and Internet forums, Kristevean humanism, and Kierkegaard's knight of faith in the new dark age

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track 

Fanon and Lacan

Gautam Basu ThakurSubalternity, Blackness, & (the Crisis of) the Onto-Phenomenological

Amy StewartLacan and the Necropolitics of the Signifier 

Alia Al-Saji: Too Late: Fanon and the dismembered past, and a phenomenology of racialized time

Sunday, September 19

Morning Sessions (9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. EDT)

Invited Address 

Freedom and Context: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Presenters: Peter Maduro, Doris Brothers, Jon Sletvold, Mauricio Cortina & Allison Merrick 


Affect & Psychoanalysis

Presenters: Gila Ashtor, Adriane Johnston, Elizabeth Wilson & Donovan Schaefer

Paper Panel: PHE Track

Ethical Distancing and Receptivity 

Deborah De Chiara-QuenzerAnger: Its Nature and Value 

Alexander Pennington: On the Possibilities of Being(s) in Tact

Sophia Shieh & Haleigh CreamerTurning Toward the Faces of the Suffering Other - Dialogue of Ethical Distancing in Psychiatric Care 

Paper Panel: PHE Track

Into the Darkness, Temptations and Joy 

Jacob Goodson: Darkness, Depression, Downwardness: Reflections on the Metaphor of Hell for Understanding Mental Illness

James Morley: The Temptations of Christ in the Desert: A Phenomenological Psychedelic Hermeneutic 

Austin Williams: Joy Unspeakable and Full of Shame: Supplementing and Applying Brian Treanor's "Melancholic Joy"

Paper Panel: Technology and Subjectivity Track 

Interfacing with Technology: Artificial Other, Mental Health, and Digital Objects

Gabriel Fernandez-BorsotThe Artificial Other: Artificial Companions and the Rise of Social Techno-Narcissim 

Lisa FinlayMental Health Treatment in the Information Age: Exploring the Functions of Artificial Intelligence and Human Subjectivity in Psychotherapy 

Sharon TugwellWhat Lurks Beneath: The Erotic Charge of the Laplanchean Unconscious and the Digital Object

Paper Panel: Alien Track 

Transported by the Alien

Aaron B. Daniels: Welcome and Introduction

Emily McAvan: The Alien Messiah: On Divine Alterity 

Scott Scribner & Gregory J. Wheeler: Toward a Psychology of UFO Abduction Beliefs

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track

Afropessimism P.2

Moderator: Evan Malater

Daniel Butler: Infancy Imperiled: Aphanisis and Antiblackness in Developmental Thought

Linette Park: Desire and Falling: On the Question of Abolition and the "Other Side" of Afro-Pessimism

Calvin Warren: Nothing Eros: Anti-blackness, Nihilism, and the Drives

Plenary (10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EDT)

When the cure is that there is no cure: Mourning, melancholia, and creativity 

Presenter: Mari Ruti

Respondent: Jamieson Webster

Lunch Break

Plenary (1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. EDT)

What Does Decolonization Demand from Psychology: Reflections on Otherness

Presenter: Sunil Bhatia
Respondent: Helen Neville

Afternoon Sessions (3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT)

Invited Address

From Magdalens to Dress Codes: Embodied Shame and the Limits of Apology

Presenter: Claire Katz

Respondent: Sue Grand


Dwelling-In-Between: Reification, Rupture, and Resoluteness at the Intersections of Being

Presenters: Robin Chalfin, Ming Chang & Jason Ri

Paper Panel: Technology and Subjectivity Track 

From Social Media to Social Movement: Technologies of Change

Christopher BellCollective Bargaining in the Social Media Era

John O'LearyHidden Discourses: Political Polarization and The Role of The Unconscious - An Approach to Changing Hearts and Minds 

Sarah EssnerTraumatic Viewings Online: Social Media Reflections and Responses 

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Levinasian Orientations: Synchrony/Diachrony and Autonomy/Heteronomy

Ryan MestDyadic Diachrony 

Angelos MouzakitisFrom Heroic Autonomy to Responsible Heteronomy: Castoriadis and/or Levinas?

Paper Panel: PHE Track

Abuse: On Witness, Supremacy, and Boundaries

Lisa Cataldo: The Other Is Us: Relational Psychoanalytic Considerations of Complicity, Accountability, and the Role of Witness

Beverly HavilandThe Color of Shame: The Perversity of White Supremacy and Child Sexual Abuse in the Bluest Eye

Jenny LoganThe Ethics of Disciplinary Boundaries: A Case Study 

Paper Panel: Alien Track 

The Alien at Home and on the Couch

Anna BugaiskaThe Human and the Smart House: Speculative Psychology and Systems of Attachment 

Michael WaldenThe Alien Inside: Jean Laplanche's Internal Other in the Fiction of Brian Evenson and the Case of Ana 

Eliza RoseStarship Asylum: Laloux at La Borde and the Therapeutic Uses of Science Fiction

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track 

Race and the Clinic

Patricia GheroviciHysteria and Race Between Edith Roberts’ Candle in the Sun and Jacques Lacan’s The Family 

Christopher Christian:  Observations on Ataque de Nervios as a Cultural Expression of Conflict and Compromise Formation

Respondent: Ann Pellegrini

Evening Sessions (4:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. EDT)

Invited Address

Psychoanalytic Innocence: The Ideological Underpinnings of Theory and Praxis

Presenter: Lara Sheehi

Respondent: Robin DG Kelley


Alfred Lorenzer and a Psychological Cultural Analysis

Presenters: Daniel Rosengart & Katharina Rothe 

Paper Panel: Technology and Subjectivity Track 

Effects of Technology on Healing and Embodiment

Jessica ThomasUtilizing the Practice of Mindful Photography and Journal Writing to Mediate the Experience of Anticipatory Loss

Hannah VenableVirtual Symphony and Virtual Church: Considering the Importance of Bodily Presence

Hannah ZeavinRemote Relations: Teletherapy and Knowledge of the Self

Paper Panel: PHE Track 

Mystical Ascent: Therapeia, Contexts and Flesh

Marilyn CharlesThe Establishment and the Mystic: Extreme Experience and Social Context

Jennifer Wang"The Mystic's Body: Hildegard, Merleau-Ponty and Glorified Flesh"

Paper Panel: Alien Track 

The Uncanny and Abcanny Alien

Dorothy ChangRepetition and Return in Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy 

Jason HarrisUncanny Fascinations: Alienation, Obsession, and Enthrallment in Thomas Ligotti's "The Small People" and Other Weird Fiction

Aaron B. Daniels: The Abcanny: Encounters with the Inscrutably Alien

Paper Panel: Lacan/Fanon Track 

Black Femme, Thenatopolitics, and Ethics

Tiara JacksonLook, a Négresse: The Remains of the Black Femme

Christopher ChamberlainAfropessimism's Ethics

Jamil KhaderBeyond Jouissance: Thenatopolitics, Undead Palestinians, and the Death Drive



6:30-8:00 pm EDT

Guarding the Inward Sea: Moral Injury and the Spiritual Exercises of Howard Thurman

Respondent: A. Taiga Guterres

Closing Remark: Michael Mookie C. Manalili

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