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Presenter Corner

To help prepare you for Psychology & the Other 2021, we’ve provided a collection of short videos and instructions to help you along the way.


Learn how to navigate the Boomset virtual event experience with our video resource library.

As a reminder… all sessions will be 90-minutes. For paper panels, each paper should be 20 minutes in length, which then allows for 30 minutes of discussion among panelists and with the audience. Symposia can configure these 90-minutes in any way the moderating presenters choose. Plenary, invited, and keynote speakers will have the main speaker delivering a 40-minute address and respondent(s) engaging for 10-12 minutes each prior to audience participation. Additionally, each room will have moderators, room parents, and other volunteers to help out with the technical elements. 


During the day of your session(s) -- log into your very own session room 15-minutes before the live feed to troubleshoot. These sessions will be live-streamed in real-time to keep a sense of "aliveness" in play (if the live nature of the event poses a challenge, please contact us so we can coordinate with you). One week before the event, we’ll have time options for dry runs and the like, in case that would be useful!

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