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What People Are Saying about Psychology & the Other

The Psychology & the Other Conference is a biennial convening serving as a sandbox for the play of languages, ideas, and formulations across fields and disciplines. Academics, clinicians, and students seeking dialogue are welcome to call this space home.

We are overjoyed to hear stories from our community about what the conference means to them. Take a look at what past attendees are saying about the biennial event. We hope you will join us at this year's 2021 virtual conference.

I think of Psychology & the Other as an academic/cultural/humanist/therapeutic retreat that comes along every two years. It is the place I go to refresh my mind, feed my soul, deepen my understanding of the human condition, and commune with others who are searching for generative ideas and ways to sustain hope in this troubled world.

~ Elizabeth Corpt, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis

"Psychology & the Other consistently produces one of the most creative and mutative intellectual spaces I know of. The conferences emerge in a unique matrix of domains and interests; cultural studies, psychology, psychoanalysis, theology, and philosophy. Being in this intellectual community is always, for me, such an inspiring mixture of demanding content and wonderful contacts."

- Adrienne Harris, NYU Postdoctoral Program, Sandor Ferenczi Center, NSSR

“The Psychology & the Other conference is nothing short of an intellectual feast, one in which scholars and practitioners from all over the world gather together to think, learn, and speak with one another about questions and ideas that get to the very heart of the human condition. What's remarkable is that it all takes place in a true spirit of generosity and care. In a very real sense, it's no longer just a conference, but a community of fellow travelers, united not by uniformity of thought or practice but by a shared sensibility, one in which mind and heart are of a piece. In the world of academia, there's nothing quite like it.”

~ Mark Freeman, College of the Holy Cross

“I have been at every Psychology & the Other conference since it first burst onto the scene in 2011, and it's my favorite such event to attend. With its carefully crafted plenary sessions and creative panels, this biennial gathering sparks needed conversations across disciplinary and institutional divisions. It's a high-energy dance party for your brain!”

~ Ann Pellegrini, New York University

“Anchored by its biennial conferences where it welcomes many voices, Psychology & the Other has become my interdisciplinary home. Its creative and inclusive programming situates it on the edge of conversations among several disciplines, between old and new, discovering the lurking questions and ruptures.”

~ Donna Orange, New York University Postdoc

“As a scholar dedicated to the study of race and African American culture, I am drawn to Psychology & the Other for the diversity of voices it brings together. Not only does the conference make space for unique conjunctions of ideas, allowing my own expression of Lacanian approaches to race, but it also facilitates discussions across various fields within and adjacent to psychoanalysis, from Foucauldian approaches to Kleinian and postcolonial perspectives on the psyche.”

~ Sheldon George, Simmons University

“Psychology & the Other is a unique event convoking scholars of multiple disciplines around the central question: how do we live beyond the self? It operates on the basic principle that the best way from self-to-self is through the stranger. Psychology & the Other provides a convening space for these sets of concerns and ideas to be taken up in earnest.”

~ Richard Kearney, Boston College

Learn more and register for Psychology & the Other 2021 here.

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